The use and maintenance of engine water pump

When using and maintaining the engine water pump must pay attention to the following points: When properly installed and installed, the gears of the gear-driven water pump should be closely integrated with the transmission gear, and the belt-driven water pump should ensure that the coaxiality of the water pump shaft and the pulley is within the specified range. To prevent the engine from shaking due to increased speed or load, and increase wear. Correctly adjust the tightness of the belt The fan belt is not adjusted too tightly, otherwise it will increase the load of the water pump bearing. If it is more than two belt drives, it is necessary to ensure that the number of new belts is the same as the length, length, and tightness of the belts, so as to prevent premature failure due to the unbalanced pull force of the various belts. Fill the lubricating oil in time according to the instructions in the manual, and add the lubricating oil to the pump bearing in time. The amount of lubricating oil should not be too much or too little to prevent premature bearing damage. Do not block the overflow hole. There are overflow holes at the water pump shaft. Through the overflow hole, you can observe whether the water pump leaks. If the overflow hole is blocked, the water leaked from the pump can enter the bearing and affect lubrication, causing premature bearing damage. When disassembling and installing, do not tap hard to knock over and repair the water pump. Disassemble the main components such as the pulley and the pump inner bearing and use special tools. If the hammer is hard knocked during installation, the bearing of the water pump may be bent and deformed, and the shaft end of the pump shaft may be slipped or damaged. Because the impeller and the pump shaft are tightly fitted, they are generally not removed unless necessary. Timely cleaning of scales in the water pump The excessive accumulation of scale in the water pump will weaken the water pump's ability to pump water. At the same time, the scale will corrode various components in the water pump and cause premature damage to the water pump.

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