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The term safety of chemical herbicides on sugar beet depends mainly on the degradation of a certain herbicide in the soil. The speed of degradation of chemical herbicides in soil is related to the climate (mainly temperature), soil organic matter content, pH, moisture and other factors. The safety period of several commonly used herbicides for beet is described as follows: Pu Shite: The special herbicide for soybean field has a long residual period in our city, and it is particularly sensitive to sugar beets and other crops. The herbicide degrades slowly and remains in the soil for 36 months, during which no sugar beets can be grown. Sophos-methyl herbicide: When the soil PH value is less than 1.5, the herbicide has a degradation period of 24 months in the soil. During this period, no sugar beet can be grown. Chlorsulfuron: Herbicide in wheat fields. When the soil pH is less than 6.5, the herbicide has a degradation period of 24 months in the soil. During this period, no sugar beet can be grown. Selki and Atrazine: Corn field herbicides, where the amount per hectare exceeds 4 kg, cannot be cultivated for 12 months.

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