The advantages of soil testing and formula fertilization

Advantages of soil testing and formula fertilization Soil testing and formula fertilization is based on the analysis of soil testing and mastering soil fertigation. Based on the characteristics of the fertilizer required for planting crops and the law of fertilizer release, the types, proportions, and dosages of fertilization are determined. Fertilizer, scientific application. Soil testing and formula fertilization play an important role in agricultural production. 1. Increase production by rational fertilization on the basis of soil testing formula, promote the absorption of nutrients by crops, and increase crop yield by 5%-20% or more. 2. Reduce waste, save cost, protect environment Under the conditions of soil testing and formula fertilization, fertilizer varieties, ratios, and fertilizer rates are determined based on the conditions of soil fertilizer supply and crop fertility requirements, which can both maintain a balanced fertilizer supply for the soil and improve The utilization rate of chemical fertilizers, the reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers, the robust growth of crops, the enhancement of stress resistance, and the reduction in the amount of pesticides used, thus reducing the pollution of fertilizers and pesticides to agricultural products and the environment. 3, improve the quality of crops Through soil testing and formulating fertilization, the rational use of fertilizer, scientific fertilization, improve the quality of agricultural products. 4. Fertilize the soil, improve the fertility of the soil, apply partial nitrogen fertilizers, use less potassium fertilizer, and unbalance the nutrients, reduce the application amount of organic fertilizer, reduce the soil fertility, and destroy the structure. Soil testing and formula fertilization can enable farmers to understand what nutrients are lacking in the soil. Formulating fertilization according to needs can enable timely replacement of soil-reduced nutrients, maintain soil nutrient balance, and improve soil physical and chemical properties. 5. Optimize the distribution of crops and develop regionally advantageous agricultural products Based on the analysis of soil, reasonably arrange suitable crop planting areas based on factors such as soil and climate, and conduct scientific fertilization management, it is to develop “high-quality, high-yield, and high-efficiency” agriculture, increasing The effective way of farmers' income. Excerpted from China Agricultural Press>

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