Water and fertilizer must keep up with tomatoes

Cultivation of tomatoes in greenhouses must pay attention to the management of water and fertilizers during flowering in order to collect more quality fruits. During this period, large water and large fertilizers are needed. If the water and fertilizer cannot keep up, the shape of the grown tomatoes will appear to be ribbed, not smooth, and the color is not bright. Small, low yield. There are two characteristics of tomato cultivation in greenhouses. One is the use of large ridges and double rows of planting methods, with a ridge width of 1.2 meters. The second is the use of sheds for mulching. This allows the moisture in the soil to be trapped in the mulching film and prevents moisture from evaporating. In the shed, it prevents the occurrence of gray mold. When the persimmon plant grows 1.2-1.3 meters high, it needs to be treated with less irrigation, see dry see wet, small water ground irrigation, and once a day for irrigation. During this period, the water is prone to gray mold and rickets. Tomatoes fall fruit or black stalk . The flowering period will require large amounts of water and fertilizers. In the seven or eight days, water will be poured into the ditch, and 0.6-0.7 kilograms of calcium fertilizer will be applied to the same amount of potash fertilizer for each ditch. It is possible to use high-calcium Garbo with calcium. With this type of management, the flowers opened are particularly large, and the tomato that grows is round in shape, thick in skin and bright.

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