Corn Variety---Xingdan No.9

The maize variety Xingdan No. 9 emerged and matured 118-125 days, similar to the ripening period of Sidan 19, requiring a accumulated accumulated temperature of 2600-2700°C ≥10°C. The species has strong ability of arching soil, rapid emergence, strong growth at seedling stage, dark green leaves, broad leaves, well-developed roots, lodging resistance, plant height of about 250 cm, ear position of 105-110 cm, ear length of 27-29 cm, ear Long barrel type, half purslane, ear line 14-16 lines, line number of grains is about 50, 1000 grain weight 390 g, grain orange, late dehydration fast, natural precipitation is 4-5% lower than Sidan 19 in the same period. The starch content was 75.77%, which was 1.19% higher than that of Sidan 19, which was 0.77% higher than the national specific corn starch content. Stem thick, good toughness, lodging resistance, drought resistance, disease resistance. Generally about 750 kilograms per mu, with the potential of more than 850 kilograms per mu. Cultivation techniques: The variety is like water and fertilizer, about 2900 acres per mu, Mushi farmyard fertilizer 2000-3000 kg, 45% compound fertilizer 30 kg, 1-1.5 kg of zinc sulfate as base fertilizer, jointing period Sub-fertilizer, the total amount of urea is 20-25 kg.

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