Citron drying technology

Toona sinensis is a kind of woody vegetable that has won the favor of consumers because of its rich nutrition and unique flavor. Wild citrons only have one season a year. If the wild citrons are harvested during the high season, they are processed and stored for sale during festive seasons or off-season, which not only enriches the vegetable basket, but also adds a rich road to the peasants. According to the author's practice, after the dried decoction stored after dehydration, the color, aroma, and taste are not significantly different from that of fresh citron. Now processing technology is introduced as follows: First, the collection of sweet citron can be processed before being grown into wood. From March to early April in the lunar calendar, it is the most appropriate time. At this time, the body of citron is plump, with fresh flesh, rich color and rich nutrition. When harvesting, the citron shall be taken off or cut with a guillotine knife, and the integrity of the carcass should be kept as far as possible. Cover with wet cloth after harvest to prevent shrinkage. It is best not to exceed 10 hours on the day of shipment. Second, boiling hot will be picked up at the base of the short hard skin, and a batch of one batch placed in 100 °C boiling water scalding for 3 minutes. The ratio of material to water at one time is 1:2. Too many are inconvenient to operate. Turn it up and down several times to see that the citron will be softened, then remove it, and immediately put it in cold water at 4°C. The color quality. Third, the dried blanch will be dry filtered, thin spread in the sun under the sun. It can also be baked by fire. In order to prevent dust and impurities from being contaminated, it is best to use a water thrower to centrifugally throw water away from the citron, and then use a freeze-sublimation vacuum drying process to stabilize the best color and aroma of the citron. The natural conditions of conventional drying, as long as the stem is well, have the same effect of shelf life. The moisture content of dried toon was not brittle. Fourth, the packaging will be dried citron graded packaging, use a thick plastic food bags for frozen vacuum sealed packaging (can also be used conventional methods, under natural conditions), and then stored in a cool, dry place for sale. As long as the stem is well prepared, storage for 1-2 years will not deteriorate. When soaked in warm water for about 2 hours, the original color can be restored.

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